Rules, Information & Points



1.   Driver Information & Liability Waiver Form must be signed before racing.  Passengers must also sign a liability waiver. Only one passenger is allowed.

2.   Vehicles are only allowed to race with 4 tires (one per corner).  No studs or foreign objects are allowed in the rubber.

3.   Windows may be left intact.  All other glass including headlights and tail lights must be removed.  All chrome, reflectors, or anything else that could easily come off must also be removed.

4.   Seatbelts and helmets are mandatory for driver and passenger.  No Exceptions.

5.   Gas tanks may be left as is or can be put in trunk if they are fastened down.

6.   Fire extinguishers are mandatory, 2 ½ #, easily accessible in car.

7.   No disorderly conduct will be tolerated or you will be disqualified for the day. You are responsible for your pit crew.

8.   Carpet under cars in pits is mandatory. Any excessive leaks of foreign material such as oil, and especially anti-freeze will not be allowed to race until repaired.  Repairs must be made on land because of DNR regulations. If you are black flagged twice in one day because of leaking fluids, you are done for that day.
9.   Registration will be done on the premises, INSIDE the bar.  Do not pay on the track.

10.  Pay-outs after all races will be inside the bar after the track is cleaned up. Winnings will be given to the driver only. 

11.  Anyone intentionally hitting another car will black flagged from that race.  If it continues, you will be eliminated for the day and lose all points from that day.  Notify flag man immediately so it can be addressed.

12.  Anyone spinning out must yield to cars on the track.  Lapped traffic must move to the outside half of track.  If a car is stuck and not in danger, the race will continue.

13.  Points stay with the number.  A driver can change cars after a race is completed but MUST notify flagman of the change and change the number on the car. (bright colored duct tape.)

14.  No getting out of car during race (Stay in car – hands, arms, head, etc!) unless on fire or sinking.

15.  Numbers must be on the upper right corner of the windshield, sides of car and number plate on the roof.  About 16” on doors, 3.5” on upper right corner of windshield and 10” on roof plate.

16.  All cars must have a red or amber light in the rear window so you can be seen during a white out.

17.  During a restart the leader starts in the front row alone, the other cars will be lined up behind the leader 2 wide.
18.  Tow hooks must be secured on front and rear of car.

19.  Bumper height/point of impact needs to be between 18 to 24 inches. No vans allowed.

20.  Races begin at 11:00 a.m.  If you know you will be late, please call.
21.  If you cause a caution during a race, you will restart in the back.  If you cause 2 cautions during one race, you will be black flagged for that race.

22.  Drunk driving will NOT be tolerated.                    



Rules and regulations are current as of December 2021.




General Information

Races are Sundays in January and February at 11:00 a.m. and will run for an 8 week season (weather permitting). If a race happens to be canceled due to poor weather or ice conditions, it will be rescheduled for the following Sunday.  Cancellations will be posted on the, and the facebook page Sinissippi Ice Racing,  or by calling Jeremy at 920-918-8048.

There are three classes consisting of Rear Wheel, Open Class (FW or RW), and Front Wheel drive.  Each class will have a separate entry fee of $20, $13 of which goes towards payout to the top 4 finishers of each race.  You must race in either the FW or RW class before racing in the Open class.

Each class will be limited to 30 cars.  Pre-registering is recommended to hold your spot. 

The car line-up will be posted on the board by the score-keeper’s car before the race.

Races will be rolling starts and heat races will be 8 laps and features and semi-features will be 10 laps.

The winner of the slow heat will advance to the feature and will start in the back. The previous week's feature winner will start in the back of the feature if qualified.

We will try to run the Island Race in the middle of the season instead of the last day.





Radiator guards behind bumper.

Roll bars or cages (have padding where body comes into contact to avoid injury).

A bar from door to door across the inside of the car.

Paint and number your car to be easily seen by counters and other drivers.  No white cars.